Floridians for Democracy


We cannot be silent.

We cannot be indifferent.

About Floridians for Democracy

We envision a state of Florida where all elected leaders proactively implement laws ensuring all residents have equal opportunity, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation as granted by democratic freedoms dictated in the constitution.

We Pledge To:

• Develop Partnerships to Drive Change

• Educate Florida Residents on Issues Impacting Democracy

• Motivate and Encourage People to Vote

• Consistently Communicate Important Issues to Voters

Join us in Action

Raise your hand.  Become a candidate.  Encourage others.

School Board?  Fire District?  City Council?  Mayor?  Florida needs YOU!

Below are two examples of many. If you are thinking about running for anything, there are resources in Florida and nationally to assist you.

Maxwell Frost, US House of Representatives

Maria Salamanca, Orange County School Board

Candidate Resources (Examples)

  • Arena:  arena.run/
  • Collective PAC:  collectivepac.org/
  • Run for Something: runforsomething.net/
  • ASK Nurses and Doctors (AND):  asknursesdoctors.com

We invite FFD Participants and Partners to provide more examples of Florida candidates who share our values to protect democracy. Please also suggest information & resources to support and educate candidates. Submit suggestions to info@floridiansfordemocracy.org.

Speak up. Attend school board meetings. Join a protest march. Write letters.

Below are two examples of many. If you are standing up for something to help save and protect democracy in Florida, let us know: info@floridiansfordemocracy.org.

The Purple Group

The Purple Group is a non-partisan group of Lee County residents from all walks of life who advocate for public schools, students, parents, and educators in Lee County, Florida. The Purple Group believes in learning, parents’ rights, respect for educators, accountability, and are dedicated to protecting public schools from political interference. Volunteers attend school board meetings, write letters and articles, post and share on social media, and educate themselves and others. “We believe public schools, welcoming to all students and their families, are the bedrock of our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic democracy.” (facebook.com/groups/thepurplegroupleectyfl)

Click to learn more about The Purple Group.

First Amendment Foundation

The First Amendment Foundation is a highly visible and accessible source of authoritative information, expertise, and assistance to the public and news media. FAF advocates for the rights of freedom of speech and press enshrined in the First Amendment, as well as for open meetings and access to public records protected by the Florida constitution and statutes. FAF does this work primarily through education programs, litigation activities, and legislative advocacy. The First Amendment Foundation believes that government openness and transparency are critical to citizen trust and involvement in our democratic society. Through ongoing monitoring of the state’s laws and decision-making and the education of government officials and citizens, FAF promotes the public’s constitutional right to oversee and to participate freely in the governance process. (floridafaf.org)

Hate is intensifying in Florida.

The Southern Poverty Law Center in 2022 tracked 89 hate and anti-government groups in Florida (splcenter.org/)

Due to Florida laws that promote discrimination and hate for immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQ community; the following organizations have posted travel advisories:

  • Equality Florida
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • Florida Immigrant Coalition

Below is an example of a group pushing back against hate. If you are aware of other examples pushing back against hate, please let us know: info@floridiansfordemocracy.org.

Concerned Citizens of Southern Lee County

As brazen demonstrations of the Nazi swastika, SS symbols and public displays of anti-Semitic rhetoric grew throughout Florida, Liz Matt of Bonita Springs was motivated to convene interested individuals to meet at her local library. The room was filled to overflow capacity.  This led to the formation of a group to confront this menace, reassure neighbors of their safety, and how to address hate. Subsequently, these concerned citizens have met with law enforcement, legislators and social justice leaders to share their concerns and coordinate resistance.  There is much more to do!  


"We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” — Thomas Jefferson


If you are an organization helping Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and would like to be identified by FFD, please let us know: info@floridiansfordemocracy.org.

Here are some voter resources:

Hundreds of thousands of vote-by-mail requests erased from Florida’s system

Vote-by-mail used to be valid for four years in Florida. New Florida law requires counties to purge all vote-by-mail requests prior to each general election. Thus, it is essential to contact the elections office in your Florida county of residence to request an application, complete it, and send it in. Florida vote-by-mail registration is currently less than one-third of prior years.  Sign Up!  Do it!  Tell others! 


To sign up as a Poll Worker in Florida, contact your local County Board of Elections

For detailed information on voting in Florida contact League of Women Voters


Our Guiding Principles

We will prioritize outcomes that:

  • Increase voter participation across all demographics
  • Create laws that enhance democratic freedoms and reverse laws that erode democratic freedoms
  • We will engage with civility and inherent dignity for all
  • We will uphold a bipartisan approach in the pursuit of protecting and preserving democracy
  • We will use non-violent and legal means to achieve our goals
  • We will strengthen, amplify and accelerate but not compete with partners
FFD: Flag-Constitution Background - 1

Florida is Fast Becoming the State Where Democracy is in PERIL!

FL State-House
  • Where voting and the right to speak freely are suppressed
  • Where schoolbooks are banned on whim and not reason
  • Where academic freedom and critical thinking among students and faculty in public education and universities is thwarted
  • Where cultural freedom is blocked
  • Where women’s reproductive rights are controlled by the state
  • Where LGBTQ and transgender people are under attack (not only in education, but also in health care and fundamental rights)
  • Where businesses and elected officials that disagree with the governor’s agenda are punished
  • Where the rights of local governments to make local decisions based on their needs are blocked

Our Goals

People working together showing partnership for Floridians for Democracy

Partnering Team

Reach out to and work with other organizations (local, state, national) with the same mission to save and preserve democracy.

Example: Co-host a Zoom with Florida Rising


Educate yourself chalkboard with growth arrow to illustrate education for Floridians for Democracy.

Education Team

Educate ourselves and others on laws, policies, and actions in Florida that are putting democracy at risk.

Example: Research a Florida law that negatively impacts our rights and write a draft (with bullet points) to share with our Communications Team.


Register to vote button for Get Out the Vote campaign

Enhancing Team (Get Out the Vote)

Commit and help energize other organizations to “Get Out the Vote” in Florida. Encourage and support pro-democracy individuals to run for office.

Example: Help first time voters learn the importance of voting and how to register to vote.

Enhancing GOTV

Illustration for communication showing someone with a bullhorn talking to a group of people.

Communications Team

Utilize a comprehensive system that effectively shares information on protecting democracy with a wide audience.

Examples: Write letters to the editor. Use social media, postcards, phone calls. Provide content for FFD’s Newsletter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Funding graphic for Floridians for Democracy

Funding Team

Provide financial support to Floridians for Democracy to carry out the mission to save and preserve democracy in Florida. Build and maintain a budget.

Examples: Donate. Reach out to those you know to donate. Apply for grants.


Get Involved

Our organization is just getting started but it's growing quickly. If you are interested in getting involved or you just want to keep up on important news regarding the organization, please fill out the form below.

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‘Don’t let democracy slip away,’ was the message from a Florida state attorney

Floridians For Democracy hosted a meet & greet with former state senator, and current state attorney, Dave Aronberg. The event provided Mr. Aronberg with an opportunity to offer his thoughts of what each of us can do to support democracy over authoritarian rule. More than 100 area residents attended the event hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Myers.