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Apr 27 2024


1:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Assault on Our Freedoms – Womens Rights & Red State Brain Drain

Dr. Kate C. Arnold is an OB/GYN. She served as Director of Women’s Health at a large, 18-site federally qualified health center in Oklahoma. Kate and her wife, Caroline (also a practicing OB/GYN), were compelled to uproot their family, leave well-established clinical practices and close friends to move from Oklahoma in June 2023. In our Democracy at Risk Series, Dr. Arnold will share their concerns about long standing attacks on obstetricians but even more so on the growing restrictions on reproductive health, attacks on LGBTQ+ rights, challenges of educating children in an increasingly repressive, unwelcoming Red State, and all compounded by not feeling safe to speak out in a state where guns continue to proliferate.

Following Dr. Arnold’s Keynote presentation, Dr. Tim Diegel of Naples, FL, and Minneapolis, will respond to Kate’s comments plus share some of his own perspectives before we go into Q&A.

Please join Floridians for Democracy in person or virtually to hear Dr. Kate Arnold’s passions to protect women’s rights, work towards giving each child in the United States an equal chance, slowing climate change, protecting LGBTQ patients, decreasing maternal mortality, protecting Americans and visitors from gun violence, and acknowledging and lessening the racial bias that is embedded in American society. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a true humanitarian devoted to protecting and preserving democracy while respecting the rights of American citizens.

In Person (1:15-4:30pm) Email your in-person registration to info@FloridiansForDemocracy.org

Virtual (2-4pm EDT) Register here