various locations


Jan 13 2024


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Florida Democracy at Risk Series

A growing Floridians for Democracy Coalition is organizing Florida’s first Democracy at Risk Series. The FFD Coalition is organizing and collaborating with other pro-democracy organizations to produce a monthly series focused on Protecting our Freedoms. Each month’s program will highlight various assaults on our freedoms. They will be livestreamed nationally and available via YouTube for future viewing.

On January 13, the focus will be Assault on Our Freedoms. The primary location this month will be at The Collaboratory in Fort Myers with concurrent locations accessible via Zoom. The program is from 2-4pm. But plan to attend in-person and participate in on-site activities from 1:15-4:30pm.

The event will feature:

  • Karen Svoboda, co-founder of the national organization Defense of Democracy, who will share stories of the founding of Defense of Democracy and and her learnings along the journey advocating for parents, teachers, students, librarians and all Americans who are fighting every day to protect their civil rights from hate groups.
  • The Purple Group. Hear about their advocacy, their efforts, their challenges and their hopes. Learn more about the statewide Florida ballot initiative for November 2024 that will ask residents if they would like to have partisan elected school boards throughout the state.
  • Nationally renowned political analyst Bob Schaeffer covering local and statewide freedoms that have been curtailed or marginalized in the last year, as well as proposed new legislative actions that could damage or destroy more freedoms.

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